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Fast swimming pool & spa compliance certificates $170 plus GST

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Tweed  Byron  Ballina  Lismore Kyogle LGA's

Registered NSW Swimming Pool Certifier

Pool Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

FREE Re-inspections
(if required)

Please review other businesses' re-inspection fees carefully; they can be extremely expensive.

We do not charge any re-inspection fees... ever 
FREE issue of certificates

FREE on-the-spot repairs, adjustments, branch trimming etc from our Licensed NSW builder for minor issues that do not require materials.

FREE quote for items requiring materials/repairs up to certifiers allowed limit.     

Just one, simple price
$170 plus GST and nothing more. 

Easy online booking

or call Dean 0414 469 561


Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore


Swimming Pool $170 plus GST

Spa $150 pus GST

Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

FREE Re-inspections

Re-inspections (if required) are included at no additional cost!

No one else does this


Your certificate of compliance or non-compliance is included at no additional cost!

Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore


As licensed builders, we can also quote to repair identified non-compliances if you wish to achieve compliance fast. 

Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

CPR Chart

If you need an updated CPR sign we'll have one ready to erect for $30.

or call Dean 0414 469 561
In Swimming Pool

NSW Pool Certification $170 plus GST 


NSW Spa Certification $150

plus GST 

No hidden costs

Girls Swimming Underwater

Licensed professionals to inspect, repair and certify. 


Beach Ball in Pool


Utilise our expertise and advice to assist with your swimming pool barrier requirements.

More Information

What We Do

Pool and Spa Certification

Flat Rate $170 plus GST Flat Rate $150 Spa Inspection plus GST

Onsite compliance inspection by an accredited/registered NSW Pool Safety Certifier/Inspector

If deemed non-compliant, Re-inspections are included at no additional cost, so that you can get on with selling, buying or leasing properties.

Your certificate of compliance or non-compliance issued the same day. 


Accurate updating of the NSW Swimming Pool Register and Council Notifications. 

A quote to rectify any identified issues. 

An easy to understand report on identified issues and an explanation during or after the inspection.

You'll find our process simple to achieve compliance, quickly. 

Repairs and Rectifications

As we are licensed Swimming Pool Builder's as well as Registered Certifiers; NSW Fair Trading permits us (with the customers permission of course) to perform minor rectifications at the time of, or soon after the inspection. 


 This option is well suited to pool barriers with things like faulty latches, fence panels, no CPR chart, loose fence fittings, gates, spa lid clamps etc. It means we can repair minor issues on the spot and issue your certificate of compliance before we leave! 

There is absolutely no issues if the owner wishes to repair identified issues themselves. You're covered by our flat rate certification process meaning you wont be continuously charged if we have to return for re-inspection to issue your compliance certificate.  

New Pool / Fence Consulting

Pool fencing and modern barrier design ideas can come with a hefty price tag and they're not always compliant when finished.


 If you're installing or thinking about installing a new pool fence/barrier; we offer a consulting service to ensure its compliant. We can ensure that your intended design meets the applicable pool fencing standards before you commit to building it.

If you've been issued or are purchasing a home with a non-compliance certificate; you can also utilise this service to work out what needs to be corrected to ensure compliance. We can meet with your builder or fence installer just to make sure everything will be compliant. We cannot act as your certifier if choosing this service.

We can also help with Council correspondence. 

Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore
Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore
Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

Areas We Cover

Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Please also visit our frequently asked questions page here. 

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By choosing SafeSwimming to complete your swimming pool inspection; you'll find the process of making your pool certified compliant extremely easy and very worthwhile. We are friendly and want to work with you to meet the requirements. 

Included in your swimming pool / spa safety barrier inspection and NSW Swimming Pool registry certificate are the following:



- Your NSW Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance so that you can sell or lease your property or just have peace of mind. This will be issued the same day as the inspection, usually within 2 hours. 


- A detailed photographic report of any non-compliances identified so that you understand what's required.

- Guidance on how to make your swimming pool compliant should it be deemed not compliant on the first inspection.

- A fixed price quote for us to repair minor non-compliances. You'll then be able to compare it with other quotes or decide to fix any non-compliances yourself. 

-  Re-inspections are included. 

- Your NSW Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance details will be updated on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Your certificate of compliance is valid for three years. 


You'll find our online booking system easy to use. Choose a time and date available that suits you. Our friendly certifier will do all the rest.  



Compliance Certificate Tweed Byron Ballina Lismore

Safe Swimming was created in 2016 as a result of changes to the NSW Swimming Pools Act and associated Regulations. We are registered/accredited swimming pool inspectors in NSW meeting all requirements of Fair Trading NSW.


Operating as a licensed pool builder, Dean Brooks (Director) experienced first hand how frustrating it can be to understand and comply with changing Swimming Pool laws and local council processes. It's actually confusing but doesn't have to be. 

Safe Swimming works within the requirements and simplifies the confusion. 

Our focus is to ensure your swimming pool meets legislative requirements without causing you any undue stress or confusion. 

Where Safe Swimming is different is that we are both certified inspectors and licensed to fix identified non-compliances on the spot or soon after... if you would like us to. This way we keep our promise of making your pool safe and certified as compliant - fast. Or you can draw on our expert knowledge to fix any issues yourself or with another contractor, then we'll return and re-inspect the pool without charge. 

"I hope to take the uncertainty away from the new NSW Swimming Pool Inspection and compliance laws so that you can get on with selling/leasing your property or simply enjoying your pool with peace of mind."

Dean Brooks


Safe Swimming

Get in Touch

Safe Swimming

Ph -0414 469 561


Certifier Registration: BDC 2849

Swimming Pool Inspector

Builders Licence: 205848C

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